If you cannot go to Minnesota, you can still take action locally, and you can write and call.

Direct Action

Take Action

  • We encourage every locality to do a socially-distanced replicable action in front of at least one of the key banks considering loan renewals (such as Chase or Bank of America). Check out for some ideas.

Share your Action

  • Broadcast your action here for others to join it.

Local In-person Action Ideas

Here are some concrete ideas to help you plan. Reach out to Indigenous leaders and drummers for leadership in planning and implementation:

  • Make colorful banners with clear messaging “Defund Line 3 or We Divest! Stop Line 3!”
  • Think of visuals that will make a powerful impact (such as setting up silhouettes of 50 coal fired power plants, the daily carbon equivalent of the 844K barrels of tar sands oil coming through Line 3 and being sent for export). Get creative and brainstorm. Make it beautiful and eye-catching! Chalk clear messages with facts about Line 3 and relating tar sands and climate chaos.
  • Create street theatre about Line 3 (how about a parody on Indigenous lands being invaded without their consent by having folks dressed up as construction workers (hard hats, clipboards, huge black pipes) coming in and starting to lay down pipe in front of their doors or in their lobby while saying “Yep, we’ve got a work order here…What? You didn’t ask for this? Hmmmmm…well we’ve got our orders and must get it installed as soon as possible…”. How about a skit with a black molasses oil spill in front of their door and focus on Enbridge’s wretched record of over 73 oil spills in 10 years including the 1 million barrel spill into the Kalamazoo river that cost $1.2 billion to clean up… This pipeline is going under 227 waterways including the headwaters of the Mississippi and across 800 wetlands and is a disaster waiting to happen. Talk about how heavy tar sands oil sinks and would be almost impossible to clean up as you are “cleaning up” the molasses spill.
  • Hand out leaflets explaining to customers why they should put pressure on their bank and why they should consider divesting if the banks don’t stop funding Line 3 (and other fossil fuel projects).
  • Check to see if you have any local connections to folks on the Board of Enbridge or the Banks doing the loan renewals and if so, then target their offices or homes with the Stop Line 3 and Defund Line 3 messages.
  • One you’ve come up with a replicable action, repeat it at other banks or bank branches!

With the Pen

Stop the Money Pipeline and 350 have put together these action opportunities.


  • Fill out this form by March 3rd to let us know how many postcards you -— and friends you recruit -— will commit to send! Each person can send a postcard to 12 different bank executives!

Calendar Jam

  • Fill the calendars of bank executives with hundreds of invitations to remind them to break up with Enbridge and defund line 3. Join the calendar jam here.

Direct Email

  • Send an email to major bank executives telling them to defund line 3 here.


  • Pick up the phone and call bank executives to demand that they do not renew their loan deal with Enbridge and that they #DefundLine3.
  • Some numbers for several pipeline funders:
  • CHASE:
    • Customer Service Line: 1-800-935-9935
  • Bank of America:
    • Customer Service Line: 1 (800) 432-1000
  • Citibank:
    • Customer Service Line: 1 (800) 374-9700
  • Wells Fargo (lends to Enbridge but not implicated in the 3/31 renewal):
    • Customer Service Line: 1(800) 869-3557

Write to Gina McCarthy

  • Write to Gina McCarthy, White House National Climate Advisor. Tell her they must put a stop to Line 3 and DAPL as soon as possible and at the latest by Earth Day before they dig under the waterways and destroy the wetlands. Mail to the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington DC 20500 and tweet her at @Gina_McCarthy!

Boycott and Divest

  • Go online to Chase, Citi, Bank of America and others of the 18 lending banks websites and post bad reviews telling folks what they are doing by funding Line 3 and asking customers to put pressure on these 18 banks to not renew the $2 billion credit facility renewal to Enbridge end of March. If they don’t defund, we must divest. If you have an account at one of these banks, move it to a community bank or credit union and tell them you will divest if they renew the loans and then follow through. Wells Fargo, Citibank, and 64 other banks support these projects. See this page for more.

Other Ideas

  • Send out a press release, follow up with calls to the media, keep pestering them to turn out and cover the event. Get on community radio and public radio talk shows and calendars.
  • Make your own social media and be sure to send photos of your actions to the Banks themselves and to Gina McCarthy, the new White House Climate Policy Advisor.
  • Highlight, link with, livestream, and publicize actions going on in Minnesota and make the connections to these local actions.