Please read this section to learn about our Covid precautions

Covid Requirements

For the safety of both you and those at the camp, please respect the following:

  • You need to present proof that, within 48 hours of joining any camp, you tested negative.
    • This is what indigenous leaders said. If you’re coming from thousands of miles away, this may be difficult, so we recommend:
      • Schedule your test so that you get your test results before you leave.
      • Quarantine while you await those results.
      • If you test negative, save the results and quarantine with the covid pod that will travel with you to Minnesota.
      • Be prepared to show your results to those at the camp.
      • It’s possible that indigenous members may ask you to exercise more caution, if they feel your covid precautions aren’t sufficiently robust. Please be prepared to abide by any such request.
    • Please carry proof that you tested negative. Without proof, you cannot be admitted to any camp.
  • At all times, you need to remain socially distanced from all others except those in your covid pod.
  • Whenever in a camp, you need to be masked at all times.