This is a guide for anyone interested in going to Minnesota to stop line 3.

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Hear the Call

Indigenous Water Protectors fighting Line 3 in Minnesota have put out a call:

Show up to support the front lines. Hear Tara Houska and Taysha Martineau put out the call.

At the moment:

  • Enbridge is close to crossing the 22 waterways that Water Protectors are trying to protect.
    • Enbridge is devastating the Water Protectors’ wild rice wetlands and forests around there in the process.
  • At the end of March, Enbridge must renew $2.2 billion in loans from 18 banks, and we want to stop that money pipeline.
  • With thousands of out-of-state workers, the man camps are a threat to Indigenous women as well as a huge Covid hazard.
  • If constructed, Enbridge’s tar sands pipeline would produce as many emissions as 50 coal power plants, exacerbating the climate emergency.
    • Given the momentum from the KXL cancellation, we need to push the Biden administration to cancel Line 3 and DAPL as well.

The time is now!

Answer the Call

Please jump here.

Can’t go in person?

If you can’t go in person anytime soon, please see this.